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Principal's speech- redefine dance

EMIS dance performance (February 2020)

Dancing to the sounds of silence. Can you do that?

When all is quite and it is just you, are you moving?

Maybe movement is given, maybe you can't hold yourself from moving.

But what directs your moves? Right now, there is no music… no sound…

So why are you moving?

You are moving all the time, but are you dancing?

We are all dancing, but not all of us are dancers


We are all dancers, but not all of us are dancing

Who defines your moves? What defines your dancing?

Can you dance 'Dabke' to the sounds of a Jewish prayer?

Can you dance 'Hora' in a Palestinian style?

Can you dance an African ballet? Can you even think of African Ballet?

I can teach you

I can show you the steps

Then you will become one of us

You were given a chair to sit on, a table to write on- so learn

Why are you moving?

If you won't listen, how would you know?

If you won't know, how could you move?

It is not the unknown

It is the known who limits your moves

We are all directed by the frame

There is no silence, only sounds from the stereo of someone else

How can we listen to our own movements?


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