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A step rather than a phase

A letter to parents and students (EMIS, Oct 2016)

Dear Parents and students,

We are almost two month into this school year, now, after the commencement of the Jewish and Muslim new years and the start of a two weeks' vacation, I would like to share with you some thoughts on the journey that we began at EMIS.

Nowadays, many schools in the world undergo, from my point of view, the same challenge; they are perceived as a passing phase. School and the learning experience which it provides seem to many students and parents solely as a method to achieve a practical goal- a place in a well known university, a position in a dissent work place, a respected diploma, an honorable status in society and more. While they are all highly important and valuable goals, making the learning process at school subordinate to them creates a severe problem, it makes learning a consumed objective, a product with a limited shelf life, something to get over with.

I wish to present a different perspective, which is the point of view I hold when looking at our school. I would like us to see EMIS as a step rather than a phase. Studying at EMIS has a value of its own, as a part of a long life journey. The ability to learn and to think critically is a unique gift that should always be valued, in school and subsequently. School is a privilege we have been given, in order to enjoy this gift to its fullest extent, to conduct research in areas we care about, to ask questions and to foster our natural curiosity. We, as teachers at EMIS, are here to give the best ground to do those exact things. Whether it is in the Cambridge program or the IB, we are here as the facilitators of this learning process, a process that should never end. This year at EMIS is a step, an accelerator for learning, a piece in a wonderful puzzle, something to be engaged with.

On a personal note, I would like to say that in this profession I get to learn every day from our staff and students, for that I am deeply thankful.

I truly hope, that we will all remember to enjoy and appreciate this journey together.

Let us all have an exciting and fruitful year.



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